Cookware and Stoves

Cooking in the outdoors doesn’t have to mean settling for what fits on a stick. UST Camp Kitchen offers a full line of Cookware for convenient meal prepping.

  • Folding Stove 1.0

    The Folding Stove 1.0 is a light, durable, and compact cooking platform that is perfect for mess kits, backpacking, and emergency situations. Legs fold flat for easy storage.

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  • Folding Stove with Fuel

    Our light and portable Folding Stove with Fuel will make cooking on the trail or campsite easy.

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  • Fuel Cubes 8-pk

    UST Fuel Cubes 8-pk are ideal for use with the UST Folding Stove 1.0.

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  • Heritage™ Packable Grill

    Campfire meals are a timeless tradition. Our Heritage Packable Grill honors this legacy while maintaining modern reliability and functionality.

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  • PackIt Stove

    When space in your pack is a priority, the PackIt Stove is the perfect compact cooking solution.

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  • Solo Cook Kit

    The Solo Cook Kit is the ultimate compact dining package for people on the go.

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