LED Headlamps

UST’s LED Headlamps provide convenient, hands-free lighting to help you light up the night. Our headlamps feature a variety of modes to ensure that you have the light you need for the task at hand. Red modes are also great for nighttime use.

  • Brila™ 450 LED Headlamp, Black

    Light up the night with the Brila 450 LED Headlamp. Separate buttons allow you to toggle between white lighting modes and red lighting modes independently of each other.

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  • Brila™ 550 LED Headlamp, Black

    The Brila 550 LED Headlamp will stay secure for all your outdoor adventures with its included top stability strap and even weight distribution between the front LED and rear battery pack.

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  • Brila™ 580 Dual Power LED Headlamp, Black

    The Brila 580 Dual Power LED Headlamp features innovative hybrid battery technology to ensure you’re never without a light on your adventures.

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  • SplashFlash™ LED Headlamp, Orange/Gray

    The SplashFlash LED Headlamp is the perfect light for the trail or the water. Made of high-impact ABS plastic with a molded rubber lens protector, this waterproof headlamp features an adjustable strap for comfortable wear and a ratcheting head to direct light as needed.

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  • Tight Light 1.0, Orange

    The lightweight, water resistant UST Tight Light 1.0 headlamp produces a bright light when and where you need it — worn around your head, clipped to a cap, or attached to gear.

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