Signal Mirrors

Signal Mirrors reflect the sun’s light in the direction of potential rescuers to act as a powerful beacon. UST provides multiple options in Signal Mirrors for every user’s need and preference.

  • Find-Me™ Signal Mirror

    Find-Me™ Mirror is a classic must-have for any survival kit. This lightweight acrylic mirror with break-away lanyard is virtually invincible.

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  • Floating Hear-Me™ Whistle and Find-Me™ Signal Mirror Combo

    Floating Hear-Me™ Whistle and Find-Me™ Signal Mirror Combo have three survival items: a signaling mirror, emergency whistle, and an orange float to minimize the chances of losing them in water.

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  • StarFlash Micro Signal Mirror

    The StarFlash Micro Signal Mirror is a lightweight, virtually unbreakable signal mirror with a precision aiming system.

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  • StarFlash® Floating Signal Mirror

    The special design of the StarFlash® Floating Signal Mirror makes it possible to aim the signal flash with pinpoint accuracy for superior performance. It is effective even on overcast days

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