Tick Wrangler™ 3-pk, Assorted

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Product Description

The Tick Wrangler safely removes the entire tick, including the head, and is designed for use on people or pets.

Tick Wrangler™ 3pk, Assorted Features
• Sturdy aluminum construction will not bend, rust, crack, or break
• Includes a ruler (inches and centimeters) to help identify the type of tick. Knowing the type of tick will
help determine if there is a risk of Lyme Disease or other types of infection
• Small size fits in your first aid kit and easily attaches to gear with the included carabine
1 – Place the Tick Wrangler’s loop end over the tick and rest on the skin, so that the tick appears in the larger
end of the loop.
2 – Slide the Tick Wrangler™ along the skin so that the narrow end of the loop slides under the tick.
3 – Continue to slide the Tick Wrangler™ slightly up and away from the skin.
4 – Tick should come away from the ski easily, with head intact.


*Available September 2018*


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Tie Card


Orange, Blue, Green


3.7" x 1.6" x 0.25" (94 x 41 x 6mm)


1.05 oz. (30g)


Lifetime Limited Warranty