Rules: In order to be considered for the UST Freeze Frame Photo Contest, a person must tag UST Brands, and the contest name #USTFreezeFrame. In order to be considered, all images have to be winter and nature related. A person needs to be at least 18 and older to enter and must live in the United States.

Eligible Social Media Outlets: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

The contest will transpire between 12:01 am ET January 1st and 11:59 pm ET January 30th. Each contestant is also limited to five entries per person. UST ambassadors or employees of UST are prohibited from entering the photo contest. Contest applicable to US residence only.

Prizes: The Prize Pack includes: Hex Tarp, Parahatchet, ParaKnife FS 2.0, Spright, Orange / Gray Hammock 1.0, Packware Mess Kit, See-Me Headlamp, Solo Cook Kit and Survival Kit 3.0.

Judging: For judging to be fair, suitable images will be printed and will be voted on by the staff. Voting will take place for a week from February 2nd to February 10th and the winner will be announced the following Monday, February 13th.

Below are the FreezeFrame Contest Entries. Click the photos to see a larger version. The entries below are listed in no particular order.