Fire and Stoves

A fire is more than a universal sign of outdoor adventure; it can save lives in an emergency. Ultimate Survival Technologies carries everything necessary to get a fire going. The UST BlastMatch fire starter, designed for use in situations where one arm is injured or immobilized, offers a reliable spark when it’s needed most. Our Delta Stormproof Lighter provides a reliable flame even when wet and in winds up to 80 mph, giving light and warmth even in the worst conditions. We also carry fire tinder for all conditions, even after a hard rain thanks to our WetFire tinder. We also carry butane lighters, fuel cubes and our innovative ParaTinder, which has a dry tinder core thread woven around a strand of 550 paracord for easy fire starting capability combined with the versatility and emergency utility of paracord. Once the fire’s going, our outdoor stoves make it easy to cook delicious meals.