Navigation Tools

The best navigation equipment is useless without the know-how to read it. UST Navigation Tools help new compass users orient and navigate themselves precisely.

  • Compass Shark

    The Compass Shark is a reliable and sturdy multi-tool that is handy to have when you are outdoors or at home.

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  • Compass Thermometer

    The Compass Thermometer tool is a handy multi-functional that allows you to check your position and the temperature at a glance.

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  • Learn & Live™ Cards – Way Finding

    The Learn & Live Cards – Way Finding set describes a variety of navigation tools and provides how-to directions so you can learn to orient yourself in the outdoors and locate your destination during your outdoor activities. Part of the Learn and Live Card Collection, these Way Finding Cards are a convenient and fun learning tool.

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  • Learn & Live™ Kit – Way Finding

    The Learn & Live Kit – Way Finding includes a quick pocket guide and Waypoint Compass to help you learn how to navigate outdoors.

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